SilverSneakers GO Mockups

SilverSneakers GO is a fitness companion app that makes it easy for seniors to get fit, stay active, and develop healthy exercise habits. Our Tivity Health product team - in partnership with a local development agency - designed, curated, and developed the first major app for the SilverSneakers brand. My role included consistent involvement to solve UX challenges, build & test numerous prototypes, and assist with some of the interface design.

My Role

UX Designer

UX/UI / User Research & Testing



Over the course of several months, we worked through many different stages of research & design to make sure the app was on the right track to solve a key problem we were trying to tackle: helping seniors be more comfortable at the gym. A lot of prototyping with Axure RP and early Android builds helped us test out whether the experience we were creating would make sense to an older demographic. Our biggest fear was that a senior would be confused or flustered in the middle of a gym surrounded by strangers. Since there really hasn't been anything else like this in the market for this age group, we were depending solely on our user tests and beta programs to uncover areas of improvement.

SilverSneakers GO Mockups
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