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A few years back, the in-house creative team worked on a total overhaul of the branch retailing for Desert Schools Federal Credit Union. The idea was to shift from aimlessly putting up posters and flyers, to being strategic on when the best times were to promote products & services to visiting members.

My role was to work alongside the Creative Director and map out the journey of a visitor to the branches. After visiting several locations we had a plan of "Point of Transit", "Point of Wait", and "Point of Sale", all encompassed with consistent and simplistic branding. Once the mapping was done, the design work began and we worked on revamping the visuals and voice for every element in the branch.

The results spoke for themselves as branch staff embraced the new plan after many "roadshow" presentations, and credit union members started to notice the new signage and design now that they weren't overwhelmed with too much messaging.

My Role

Senior Designer

Strategy / Design


Desert Schools Federal Credit Union

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